DataCard 430 & 450 Embosser
The DataCard 450 & 430 Embossers are high production embossers with production speeds of up to 400 plus cards per hour. They come with a RS232 interface for PC controlled data transmission, or with an optional keyboard & monitor where manual production is desired. Tipping, encoding, indent, and smart card options can all be done in a single pass operation.
DataCard 450 Embosser
This rugged, reliably designed system personalizes up to 420 standard financial format (40 character embossed) cards per hour, so it offers the speed and productivity of Datacard's large, fully integrated card issuance systems; yet, it fits neatly on almost any desktop. Even first-time users will find the 450 system extremely simple to operate. An easy-to-understand LCD panel provides operators with helpful prompts throughout the issuance process. Plus, the areas that operators access most - such as the card loading tray, output tray and topping foil cassette - are easily accessible. That means operators spend less time replenishing supplies and handling cards.
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