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Xtreme Vision AMS

Automatic Document Matching System

Product Overview

Automatic Matching

 The Xtreme Vision AMS (Automatic Matching System) is a PC based mailing system that allows for easy and efficient upgrades for virtually all reading requirements in the print and direct mailing environments. From reading OCR fonts and standard Barcodes to the very small 1D and 2D Codes, this system has the versatility and accuracy that you have been looking for. Regardless of the requirements, inserting, ink jetting, collating or other mailing system requisites, the potential applications are endless.

Sequence Checking

Service, Security and Protection

 More and more in today’s market, privacy issues require a high level of integrity in the way direct mail production is handled. Xtreme Vision Automatic Matching System (AMS) can provide the level of security you need to ensure that every document is checked and mailed to the proper recipient. From sequence checking, grouping multiple page sets, insert selection, document matching, to data base lookup, in-line ink jetting and audit tracking, you can provide the level of service, security and protection that your customer’s are looking for. The possibilities are almost endless. On top of all other advantages AMS offers, it is also one of the lowest priced document matching systems today. With Xtreme Vision AMS you can enjoy vast savings, while ensuring you are getting the utmost in integrity and flexibility.

Standard Modes of Operation

  • Match documents between two or more cameras
  • Read one or more documents, perform database lookup and in-line inkjet printing
  • Sequential number checking
  • Mail Insert Station Selection
  • Grouping multiple page sets through feeder control
  • Additional modes can be customized to meet most job requirements

Read Application Example

 For mailing inserters, the AMS Document Verification System allows you to do sequence checking in a variety of ways. You can do checking in increments or decrements, match to a feeder or just check random numbers logged into a data file. The system also allows for manual entry of documents that were pulled from the track. These manual entries are then marked as such in the data file as well as bad reads and sequence errors. These data files can also be customized to fit your specific job requirements and even set up to automatically go out as email notifications on job completion to in-house staff and key customers.

Base System Includes:

 Computer stand, computer (complete), I/O board, 2 Ethernet cards (one for camera, one for network connection), trigger photocell and cable, camera (with lens and cables), camera and photocell mounts, power supply, Windows XP, power strip, and Xtreme Vision mail software.

Base Price

 The base price for an AMS Mail Matching System plus mail software starts at under $20,000.
- Actual costs are dependent on specific software and hardware needed.
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Key benefits of an Xtreme Vision AMS Automatic Document Matching System:

  • PC based mail software allows for ease in operation
  • Capable of meeting just about any reading requirements; OCR fonts, standard Barcodes and 2D
  • Can be customized to meet virtually any job requirement.
  • Ease and efficiency of mailing software upgrades; many can be done via e-mail.
  • Virtually no limit on the number of one-pass document matching that can be handled.
  • One of the lowest priced systems on the market; far below most competitive brands.

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