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Mailing Industry Articles

Article Guidelines

Once a month, Advanced Systems publishes an article pertaining to the mailing industry.
These articles are about the industry itself, the equipment the industry uses, and the people.

Each article is displayed on our website for the entire month in which it was published.

Everyone with an interest in the mailing industry is welcome to submit an article for publication. However, there are particular guidelines an article must adhere to, to be published.

  • Any article submitted must pertain to the mailing industry. Positive and negative entries will be considered. It will pertain to the industry itself, machines and equipment, or the people involved in the industry.
  • The author must sign his or her work. Readers will be allowed rebuttal. Comments will also be published. Your article should be designed to establish you as a knowledgeable expert in the field.
  • The article must include an English version. Versions in other languages will be considered for publication, but a duplicate of the article must be created and submitted in English as well. Solo versions in any other language will not be considered.
  • Accepted articles will not be advertisements for any particular mailing house or manufacturer. You may not promote or publicize yourself or your company. The article must be for informational, educational, or entertainment purposes only.
    Authors are allowed a marginal area in the footer of the article for these purposes. You may include Names, Company Names, Company Logos, Phone Numbers, Addresses, Website Addresses or whatever, but only in the allotted area.
    There are no exceptions.
  • Fowl or abrasive language toward a company, brand, or person will not be allowed. You may not "make fun" at any person, company, brand or particular piece of equipment. Preferences may be disclosed in a civil manner.
  • Articles will not be formatted or edited. Please format your article with proper sentencing and paragraphs with the necessary punctuation. You are grammatically responsible for your own article.

Submit your article(s) to "Ken Swepston".