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Mail Document Matching

High & Medium Security

Take Your Visions to the Xtreme!
Xtreme Vision Systems


 Xtreme Vision is a PC based document matching and addressing system that has the versatility to meet the demands of today’s print and direct mailing environment. For document matching, Xtreme Vision can be set up for reading Barcodes or OCR fonts as well as viewing multiple document images on a screen. It can also be setup to do sequence checking, grouping multiple page sets, station selection, data base lookup, in-line ink jetting and audit tracking.
 More and more in today’s market, privacy issues are requiring a high level of security and over-all integrity in the way direct mailing production is handled. With Xtreme Vision, you can get a customized mail matching system that will meet a level of security, accuracy and tracking that is demanded by your customers, and all at a price you can appreciate.

Xtreme Vision Systems Almost Endless Possibilities

On top of all of the advantages that the Xtreme Vision Reading System offers, it is also one of the lowest priced mail match systems on the market. With Xtreme vision you can enjoy great savings, while ensuring that you are getting the utmost in integrity and flexibility.

Xtreme Vision offers two reading system versions for addressing both high and medium level integrity and security needs in the mail and print shop industry:

High Security
Xtreme Vision AMS

 Using state of the art smart cameras, the AMS (Automatic Matching System) is capable of reading almost any code or mark; including OCR fonts, standard Barcodes and 2D. This advanced reading system, can handle matching a multitude of documents, perform database lookup, in-line ink jet printing, check sequential number, Insert station selection, grouping multiple page sets through feeder control, plus many customized applications. All this and more is available in one of the lowest priced matching systems on the market, starting at under $15,000.

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Medium Security
Xtreme Vision VMS

 Through a split screen monitor, the VMS (Visual Matching System) is capable of viewing up to 4 documents at one time for operator match verification. With the ability to allow the operator to quickly check and verify the match of two or more documents, the VMS can dramatically cut down on match errors and labor costs, while increasing production output and overall operation integrity. These medium level security matching systems start at only $6,500.

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