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Mail Sorting Systems

Machines, Upgrades & Components

Complete Mail Sorting System Or An Upgrade To Your Existing Equipment

PTI Mail Sorting System PTI Mail Sorting System With Saber OCR

What We Offer

 Advanced System is a provider of used mail sorting machines and the upgrades to enhance your existing equipment. Need a used or refurbished sorter? Or do you have an existing sorting machine and would like to further enhance its capabilities? Need more bins? Or just an additional or replacement of your OCR camera, inkjet, reader, or tray racks? Read On. We have them all.

Used and Refurbished Sorting Systems

 If your looking for a mail sorter, we can offer a used or refurbished sorter, including PTI and Bell & Howell J Series & Criterions, that can be set up to meet any of your mailing requirements with full IMB Ready capabilities

Solutions for Your Every Need!

 We provide mail sorting systems as currently configured or upgraded to meet your mail sorting needs and the sorting requirements of your customers. At Advanced Systems, We will upgrade our used or refurbished equipment to meet your customer’s most demanding needs while meeting all US Postal Regulations. We can provide additional sorting bins, ink jets, readers, tray racks, etc.

We can help you in upgrading your current sorting system to meet your customer’s needs and all US Postal Regulations with the following components:

OCR Cameras:

  • Used Saber OCR Camera Systems
  • Used PureVision OCR Camera Systems

Ink Jet Addressing:

  • Used Imaje Printers
  • Used Videojet Printers

Barcode Readers:

  • Used 1” & 4” Barcode Readers

Overhead Tray Racks:

  • Used stainless steel tray racks for PTI and Bell & Howell J Series

Sort Bin Sections:

  • Used or refurbished PTI and Bell & Howell J Series & Criterions sorting bin sections

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