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MPS FF Series

Automatic Folding System

Incorporating Xtreme Vision Software Technology

Low Cost - High Capacity

 Our MPS Automatic Folding System is the best low cost alternative on the market for meeting high volume cut sheet reading and letter folding jobs. The MPS Folding system is a high capacity letter folder designed to accumulate and fold multiple page sets at speeds of up to 30,000 plus per hour. The MPS letter Folder, using our exclusive Xtreme Visions Software, can be setup to run in-line with any existing intelligent or non-intelligent mail inserter conversion. This flexible direct mailing software allows the operator to control all of the functions of the MPS Automatic Folding System as well as the inserter station inserts, envelope and flap detect controls.

Read and Non-read Modes

 The MPS Automatic Folding System can be set to run in both read and non-read modes. In non-read mode, page sets are accumulated through a fixed page counter. In read-mode, the system can be set up to read OMR, OCR, 2D & standard barcodes and marks not readable by other mailing software.

Easy Operation

 The basic MPS Folder comes with a basic programmable logic six inch color touch screen that allows the operator to quickly set up jobs. For read mode a PC and monitor may be added for ease in monitoring the operation through the run screen providing alerts for double detects, feed errors, feed and folder jams, and a lot more...

There's More!

  Additional alerts, operator feed functions, audit trails or other requirements can be added to meet your specific job requirements.

MPS Automatic Folding System Options

  • Purchase a custom rebuilt MPS Feeder Folder with Xtreme Vision Software, with read and or non-read functions, and we will set it up to run with your existing intelligent or base inserter.
  • No mailing inserter? We can provide you with a complete cut sheet system by including a completely rebuilt inserter base with track extension to go with our MPS Folder.
  • Already have an existing in-line MBO Folder and a sheet feeder available? We can further cut your investment costs by using your equipment to custom build your MPS Folder.

 We will be happy to go over all of your job needs and provide a quote that is tailored to meet your specific job and budget requirements.

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